Christ-Centered Academics

Carefree Christian Academy is known for excellence in Christ-centered academics. CCA students can expect:

  • Experienced high-quality Christian instructors.

  • Hands-on, engaging learning activities and styles.

  • Individualized learning plans.

  • Customized career exploration and college prep programs.

  • Dual enrollment–complete 36+ college credits while earning your high school diploma.

  • Curriculum encompassing a Christian worldview, with rigorous academic standards.

  • Daily Bible classes and weekly Chapel.

  • Minimal homework so students have time to participate in church and community activities.

  • A focus on critical thinking and differentiated learning styles…which Harvard University says triples learning gains, test scores, and academic success.

Our Students Say …

“I finally understand what I am being taught rather than just passing a test.”

“My grades are much better and in math I am on pace versus the year before I was behind!”

“I finally get to work at a faster pace…so I’m not bored waiting for the rest of the class. I’m finishing some courses early so I’ll have time to take extra college credits and work towards my degree.”

“We are going through the New Testament books of the bible right now and I like how the teachers help us interpret the Bible.”

“I am finding it much easier and more natural to talk to God and give my problems to him.”

“I now know more about the Bible than I have learned all my life. I would have never known or understood how much I would know in just 1 school year as compared to before.”