Carefree Christian Academy Kindergarten

8am – 2:30pm, Monday-Friday

Carefree Christian Academy has been a cornerstone in the community, dedicated to providing quality education for families. Rooted in Christian values and a commitment to nurturing the next generation, we’ve proudly served as a beacon of faith and learning.

Now Offering Kindergarten in Cave Creek

Now, we are thrilled to expand our offerings to include kindergarten, welcoming the youngest members of our community into our caring and supportive environment. At Carefree Christian Academy, we believe in the transformative power of faith-based education, where children are not only academically enriched but also spiritually nurtured. Our integration of Christian beliefs into every aspect of the curriculum fosters a strong moral compass and a sense of purpose in our students’ lives. In our creative arts environment, children are encouraged to explore their God-given talents and express themselves through music, art, drama, and more. This holistic approach to education cultivates a love for learning and a deeper connection to their faith, preparing them to become compassionate and confident individuals ready to make a positive impact on the world.

  • Faith-infused curriculum

  • Creative arts emphasis
  • Engaging learning environments
  • Small classroom sizes
  • Community and family involvement
  • Tuition assistance available

Benefits of Choosing Kindergarten at Carefree Christian Academy

Kindergarten embodies a commitment to fostering holistic growth in young minds while instilling Christian values at the core of its curriculum. With a team of dedicated educators, each deeply passionate about nurturing the potential of every child, the kindergarten promises an enriching learning environment where faith and education intertwine seamlessly. From vibrant classrooms adorned with colorful learning materials to inviting outdoor spaces designed for exploration and play, every aspect is thoughtfully crafted to inspire curiosity and ignite young hearts with a love for learning and a reverence for God. Here is what your child will gain from choosing us:

Faith-Infused Curriculum

Our Christ-centered kindergarten integrates biblical teachings and Christian values into every aspect of our curriculum, fostering spiritual growth and character development in our young learners.

Creative Arts Emphasis

At our creative arts school, creativity is celebrated and nurtured. Through music, drama, visual arts, and movement, children explore their God-given talents and express their faith in imaginative and meaningful ways.

Individualized Instruction

Recognizing each child as a unique creation of God, we tailor our teaching methods to meet the diverse needs and learning styles of every student, ensuring personalized attention and support for their academic and spiritual growth.

Engaging Learning Environments

Our classrooms are vibrant spaces designed to inspire curiosity and exploration. With hands-on activities, interactive learning centers, and opportunities for collaborative projects, we cultivate an atmosphere where children thrive academically and creatively.

Community & Family Involvement

We believe in the importance of partnership between home, school, and church. Through regular communication, family events, and opportunities for community service, we foster a supportive network where parents, teachers, and students work together to nurture a strong foundation of faith and learning.

Faith-Based Private School Kindergarten

We embrace the importance of early childhood education grounded in Christian values and creative expression. Our curriculum harmonizes academic excellence with a faith-based perspective, crafting a distinctive learning journey for our young learners and equipping them for lives that honor God. Each child is cherished and supported as a competent, unique creation of God. Through engaging activities in the creative arts and age-appropriate lessons, we strive to foster spiritual, intellectual, social, and emotional growth within a secure, God-honoring setting.

Carefree Christian Academy


We are conveniently located off Carefree Hwy. Easy to find and great access!

Carefree Christian Kindergarten is located on the campus of Carefree Church. This is easily accessible for families living in and around North Phoenix, North Scottsdale, Desert Hills, Cave Creek, Carefree and Anthem. We are located a half mile west of Cave Creek Road on Carefree Highway.


5025 E. Carefree Hwy.
Cave Creek, AZ 85331


Monday – Friday
8 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

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