Earn College Credit Now

Graduate high school with your diploma AND up to 2 years of college credit!

Save time and money with CCA’s dual enrollment program!

Our dual enrollment program allows students to earn 36+ college credits while completing their high school diploma, at no added cost to you! Eligible students may take GCU online courses with a CCA facilitator to coach and assist as soon as their sophomore year.

  • CCA Juniors and Seniors with GPAs of 3.0 or higher may take up to 16 college credits (4 classes) per year.
  • CCA Sophomores with a GPA of at least 3.25 may qualify to take 4 college credits (1 class) during their Sophomore year.

Save money and graduate high school with 36+ university credits completed!

Earn up to $55,000 in college scholarships through CCA!

Carefree Christian Academy is a proud member of Grand Canyon University’s Canyon Christian Schools Consortium program.

How this benefits you:

  • CCA students can receive up to $4,000 in GCU scholarship funds for each year they attend high school at CCA!
  • This is a SIGNIFICANT savings, and can be combined with additional GCU scholarships.
  • Receive up to $16,000 in college scholarships through this program.

As if that wasn’t exciting enough…

  • All CCA students can earn up to $9,750 in GCU scholarships per year, based on their GPA. The higher the GPA, the higher the scholarship award. That’s up to $39,000 in GPA-based scholarships! Review the GCU Direct Start Scholarship Requirements for more info.
  • Graduate from CCA with 36+ completed college courses and $55,000 in scholarship dollars! (CCA tuition pays for up to 36 credits, qualifying students may take additional college courses at significantly discounted prices!)

See GCU’s website for additional information.

**Information regarding these programs is current as of today’s date, please reference GCU’s website for any changes or updates.